U Visa Offers Crime Victims A New Life In The US

A little known program called the U Visa is giving some undocumented people a chance to start a new life in the US. But, there’s a catch. The U Visa is only available for victims of violent crimes and they have to take the risk of reporting those crimes first before they are eligible forContinue reading “U Visa Offers Crime Victims A New Life In The US”

Albuquerque Dreamer

Undocumented students don’t have many options once they leave school.  Many can’t continue on after high school, even if they were stellar students, and those who do attend a college or university can’t legally get a job after graduation. The DREAM Act would give young people who were brought into the  US as children, underContinue reading “Albuquerque Dreamer”

Assimilation And Identity

The idea of assimilation has long been an issue for immigrant families, but New Mexico resident Bay Stevens says she has also struggled with the concept of assimilation as an American citizen. That’s why she organized an event to have people talk about what it means to be American today. My interview with Bay airedContinue reading “Assimilation And Identity”