What Might the Health Care Overhaul Look Like in NM?

Health Care legislation has been a major national story in recent months. Now that it’s passed, New Mexico InFocus decided to bring in a group of state leaders to talk about the changes

We talked about Medicare and Medicaid, fears in the small business community and what the changes might mean for low-income and rural New Mexicans.

Check it out here:  Health Care Reform

Navigating A Health Scare In A Tough Economy

Freelance medical writer and editor Kristina Anderson is a plain language specialist.  That means she makes complicated documents, such as directions after leaving the hospital, easier for patients and families to understand.

Finding the answers for herself and her business wasn’t always so easy after she was diagnosed with breast cancer last year.

This story was part of the KUNM Economy Series.

Ventanilla de Salud

At Mexican Consulates across the United States, Hispanic and Latino families can participate in bilingual health education programs while they wait to conduct their business. The programs, sponsored by Ventanilla de Salud, or Window of Health, were created in 2004 by the Institute of Mexicans Abroad.  I  spoke with Maria Otero,  Program Coordinator at UNM’s Cancer Information Services, about why the program will focus on preventative care.