Driving A Vegetable-Fueled Truck

Throwing away that can of bacon grease might actually be wasting a valuable fuel source. An Albuquerque company is producing diesel fuel from food waste grease. It’s called Plant Oil Powered Diesel Fuel Systems, or POP Diesel. I spoke with President and co-owner Claud Convisser. He says there is no contradiction in driving a hugeContinue reading “Driving A Vegetable-Fueled Truck”

Bosque Del Apache (Weekend Edition)

November 24, 2008 KUNM Sand hill cranes and snow geese, along with other bird species, have gathered at the Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge near Socorro for the winter. As KUNM’s Sarah Gustavus reports, the event marks the changing of the seasons. Cranes I worked with Elaine Baumgartel on this story and an audioContinue reading “Bosque Del Apache (Weekend Edition)”