What Might the Health Care Overhaul Look Like in NM?

Health Care legislation has been a major national story in recent months. Now that it’s passed, New Mexico InFocus decided to bring in a group of state leaders to talk about the changes

We talked about Medicare and Medicaid, fears in the small business community and what the changes might mean for low-income and rural New Mexicans.

Check it out here:  Health Care Reform

Governor Gary Johnson

I interviewed former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson for KNME’s New Mexico InFocus.  Johnson is also the Chairman of the Our America Initiative.  We talked about the Tea Party movement, his stance on legalizing drugs and government spending.

Here’s the video for the full program.

Boys and Girls Ranches

Nonprofit organizations across the country are facing a decline in donations and some tough choices about possible changes in their programs. In New Mexico, the Boy’s and Girl’s Ranches are consolidating their services to save money. That means a lot of changes for the at-risk teens who are living on one ranch south of Albuquerque.

The Ranches