A Different Kind Of Border State

New Mexico has flown under the radar for years in the national immigration debate. Maybe it’s the state’s small population of about 2 million residents. It might also be the unique demographics – about 44% of New Mexicans identify as Hispanic or Latino. State and local leaders, especially in northern New Mexico, have adopted policiesContinue reading “A Different Kind Of Border State”

“State of the State” Listener Commentary Series

Totally cool project we did this spring! Let people write their own state of the state address for New Mexico. There’s a lot of things that people are concerned about – the economy, state investment scandals and health care.  We put out a call for commentaries and got some amazing, thoughtful submissions.   Elaine (our MorningContinue reading ““State of the State” Listener Commentary Series”

Nonprofits Continue Legal Battle

Last spring, the groups sent a set of mailers to voters after the legislative session that pointed out campaign contributions and the voting records of some state lawmakers.  Those mailers led to  a legal storm that’s lasted more than a year. After a lawsuit was filed by three defeated Democrats in the June primary, SecretaryContinue reading “Nonprofits Continue Legal Battle”