Collaboration: Preparing For Potential Challenges (IJNet Toolkit)

Collaboration between news organizations and even community groups is a great opportunity to maximize resources and reach more people in your community. But collaboration isn’t always easy. I covered some strategies for planning a collaboration for IJNet’s Collaborative Journalism Toolkit. “Collaboration offers opportunities to bring new perspectives and additional resources to reporting projects. However, workingContinue reading “Collaboration: Preparing For Potential Challenges (IJNet Toolkit)”

The Case For A Collaborative Project Coordinator (IJNet Toolkit)

I created and managed several collaborative journalism projects before joining the Solutions Journalism Network. All of them were exciting and challenging, but I came to the conclusion that a project manager is a key role for the success of collaboratives. IJNet, part of the International Center For Journalists, invited me to write about this forContinue reading “The Case For A Collaborative Project Coordinator (IJNet Toolkit)”