What Might the Health Care Overhaul Look Like in NM?

Health Care legislation has been a major national story in recent months. Now that it’s passed, New Mexico InFocus decided to bring in a group of state leaders to talk about the changes We talked about Medicare and Medicaid, fears in the small business community and what the changes might mean for low-income and ruralContinue reading “What Might the Health Care Overhaul Look Like in NM?”

Musician Titos Sompa On Street Kids Project

Titos Sompa is a musician from the Congo who currently lives in the U.S.  He has worked with musicians around the world and also has connections to New Mexico. His latest project, with help from supporters in Albuquerque,  will take children off the streets in the Congo and help them a start a new lifeContinue reading “Musician Titos Sompa On Street Kids Project”