Home in the Parking Lot (Weekend America)

Weekend America December 22, 2007 Home for the holidays, of course, means different things to different people. For more than 80 homeless people in Kirkland, Wash., “home” during this holiday season is a church parking lot. In the Seattle area, there are two officially-sanctioned tent cities. They’re part of the area’s shelter system. The tentContinue reading “Home in the Parking Lot (Weekend America)”

I Was Sicko (Weekend America)

Weekend America June 30, 2007 Sarah Gustavus was burned by $2500 in medical bills. It was about three years ago, and she actually had health insurance at the time. While working a second job to pay it off, Gustavus decided she didn’t want insurance anymore. But now that she’s become attached to her status asContinue reading “I Was Sicko (Weekend America)”