Help Wanted (SJN – The Whole Story)

A few years ago, I was at a gathering in Colorado with journalists and civic leaders interested in exploring solutions. We discussed shared concerns across the Mountain West region, including housing. An attendee leaned over at one point and said, “Do you notice that when we talk about housing with other journalists, no one everContinue reading “Help Wanted (SJN – The Whole Story)”

Shift and Reshape (SJN)

I wrote about why solutions-focused coverage of economic mobility issues is important and how my own experiences covering poverty led me to the Solutions Journalism Network. “COVID-19 has exposed deep inequalities that already existed in our society. Many of the people who are suffering the most from the pandemic were already vulnerable, often living belowContinue reading “Shift and Reshape (SJN)”

Collaboration: Preparing For Potential Challenges (IJNet Toolkit)

Collaboration between news organizations and even community groups is a great opportunity to maximize resources and reach more people in your community. But collaboration isn’t always easy. I covered some strategies for planning a collaboration for IJNet’s Collaborative Journalism Toolkit. “Collaboration offers opportunities to bring new perspectives and additional resources to reporting projects. However, workingContinue reading “Collaboration: Preparing For Potential Challenges (IJNet Toolkit)”