The Case For A Collaborative Project Coordinator (IJNet Toolkit)

I created and managed several collaborative journalism projects before joining the Solutions Journalism Network. All of them were exciting and challenging, but I came to the conclusion that a project manager is a key role for the success of collaboratives. IJNet, part of the International Center For Journalists, invited me to write about this for their Collaborative Journalism Toolkit:

“You’ve identified an important issue and lined up media partners who share your vision for a collaborative project. You’ve had meetings, brainstormed sources and even set deadlines. But who will ensure that everyone stays on track?

Whatever title you use – coordinator, editor or manager – having a central leader who is working with all partners and is focused on outcomes will make your collaboration more successful.  

In 2017, when I was a producer at New Mexico PBS, I teamed up with Antonia Gonzales at National Native News to produce a series of radio and television features that examined grassroots health initiatives in Native American communities in the Southwest.”

Read the full article here

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