Collaboration: Preparing For Potential Challenges (IJNet Toolkit)

Collaboration between news organizations and even community groups is a great opportunity to maximize resources and reach more people in your community. But collaboration isn’t always easy. I covered some strategies for planning a collaboration for IJNet’s Collaborative Journalism Toolkit.

Collaboration offers opportunities to bring new perspectives and additional resources to reporting projects. However, working with new partners, including those outside your newsroom, can be challenging.

Here are just a few issues you might face during a collaborative project:

  • A partner organization loses a key reporter
  • Someone has to drop out for health reasons or personal needs
  • New leadership means priorities change for a newsroom or organization
  • Unexpected expenses arise

Talk with your media partners before you get started about these changes that might impact the ability of one or more partners to carry out their part of a collaborative project. Having a conversation before the project begins allows you to anticipate and prepare for many potential challenges.

Read the full article here

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