Berlin Capital Program

I recently got back from a week in Berlin – where I had the fabulous opportunity to talk about the future of journalism and  try new foods like currywurst!  I was one of 16 American reporters that the German American Fulbright Commission brought to Berlin to discuss ethics, new technology and connections between German and American media.

We met with reporters from newspapers, public radio and TV.  One of my favorite visits was to the offices of Der Spiegel.  It’s a well-established print publication, and the magazine’s leaders created a vibrant website years before other magazines and newspapers went online.  The conference room at Spiegel Online, which includes an international English edition, had a view of the Brandenburg Gate.  The former city gate is a symbol of Berlin that’s known all over Europe and it was the site where many famous speeches were made when Berlin was still divided between East and West Germany. We missed the historic anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, but were able to chat with our German hosts about how life in Germany has changed in the past twenty years.  I think Spiegel Online represents the next round of revolutionary changes in the media.

Back in New Mexico, I plan to continue covering connections between Germany and the US. Germany is a leader in solar energy in Europe – and the world.  German-based Schott Solar is already operating in New Mexico.  As state leaders push for further developments in the renewable energy industry, we could see and hear a lot more from Deutschland.

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